An innovative wearable technology solutions company with a passion for applying the best science and the best technologies to solve real problems in human movement, health and performance.

Creating helpful and engaging wearable systems and products that integrate easily into peoples regular activities and daily living.

Bringing systems, products and services to market that make a real difference.


GRASP Run System

A breakthrough system for running.  A clip-on product that accurately measures running biomechanics, technique, efficiency and performance in real-time.  A novel user experience and smart learning system that provides personalised feedback, guidance and goal setting.

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Accurate evaluation of running technique in everyday and race settings.
First wearable unit that independently assesses running ability.
Novel user experience providing feedback and recommendations in real-time.
Light easy to wear clip-on units requiring no calibration. Start running "out of the box".
Smart technology that captures and records detailed running biomechanics and aids in reducing injury risk.


GRASP Game Analysis System

A breakthrough, wearable and cost effective platform for instrumenting player uniforms, sport fields and courts (indoor & outdoor).  Real-time accurate feedback of player information and newly possible player, team and game metrics in football, soccer, baseball, basketball, rugby and other team sports.

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Accurate 3D player movement characterisation including player stats, field position and game play characterisation.
Integrates different points on the players body/ uniform to capture and integrate the key relevant measures for players and for entire teams.
Provides immediate and trending information on player performance and injury risks.
Low cost instrumentation of sports fields and courts (outdoor & indoor). Cost effective solution for sports organisations and teams at professional, amateur and youth levels.
Enables a wide range of additional real-time and off-line analytics for coaches, teams, players, clubs, leagues and sports associations.

Better Health Solutions

Our technologies can also be applied to solve real problems in healthcare through connecting individuals, communities and medical service providers in measuring and monitoring patients with differing care needs.

We are developing new research, strategies and systems that can be commercialised in more effective systems
and in new wearable healthcare products.


Development of research and information solutions to improve patient and athlete health information analysis and exchange with medical service providers.

GRASP Health Analytics


Monitoring and recording of patient or athlete vital signs and remote measurement and analysis of vital, physiological and movement events, trends and predictors.

GRASP Vital Signs


Monitoring and rehabilitation of patients and athletes with biomechanical, musculoskeletal or ambulatory injury or who are recovering from surgery.

GRASP Rehabilitation

We are developing new IP to support these applications and are
seeking partners for trials and commercialisation.

Technology solutions

 Unique sensor fusion and position tracking designs, algorithms, analytics and IP which we have assembled in a next generation wearable systems development platform.

We are applying these capabilities and know-how to the creation of new novel concepts, systems and products in fitness, sports and health.


A high performance development platform for the engineering and testing of new sensor fusion and position tracking applications and products.



Next generation integration of highly accurate position tracking and movement capture technologies for applications in both outdoor and indoor sports.



Smart UX for GRASP wearable products and companion mobile/ software applications that are intuitive, helpful and integrate easily into activities and living.


We have developed unique IP underpinning these technologies,
systems and associated applications.


Next generation integration of highly accurate position tracking and movement capture technologies
for applications in both outdoor and indoor sports.

V9 GRASP 3D positioning


Solving problems with measurement accuracy, reliability, real-time analysis and use in both indoor and outdoor multi-player settings.

Integrating localised wireless positioning and other technologies in a wearable platform to accurately stream 3D position and movement of players.

Small wearable technology that can be integrated into the players uniform and/or equipment.  Light and portable instrumentation of playing field/ court.

Capture and streaming of new player, team and game metrics.  Enabling new product applications and new information and analytical opportunities.

Low cost systems and products for addressing opportunities in professional and amateur and youth team sports.


Smart UX for GRASP wearable products and companion mobile and online software applications that are intuitive,
helpful and integrate easily into activities and living.



For each product and mobile/ software application we place the user experience (UX) at the centre of our design and development process.

We work directly with end users and with experts in relevant fields to discover the key ingredients for helpful, functional and engaging products that integrate easily into activities and living.

We provide products and systems that work with existing and emerging wearable, fitness and health platforms, information and analytical services.

We place a priority on protecting personal information and putting the user of our products in control of his or her information, and if and how it is shared.

Our goal is to create ground-breaking systems and products that provide significant benefits to users in the longer term, and deliver on the promised product and brand experience.


Research and Full Concept Development

GRASP provides research and full concept development services to its customers.  We have a very strong understanding of the available and emerging technologies and closely monitor market trends and developments.  We have developed a particular expertise in creating sensor fusion solutions to address interesting problems in fitness, sports and health.

Projects for customers typically consist of:

>  Market Research & Problem Definition
>  Concept Product Design & UX Development
>  Technology & Software Design
>  Development of Alpha Prototype
>  Customer Trials & Feedback
>  Report & Implementation Plan

GRASP also provides services in online and mobile software development, customer field trials, supply chain planning and product launch services.



Product Development & Launch

GRASP provides full product development and launch services to its customers.  We work with our customers to integrate their product requirements with their brands, markets and customer values.  We also incorporate the service and information requirements of the product into our designs for UX, software and potential information products for the end consumer.

Services provided to customers can consist of:

>  Product Design & Scoping (Hardware, Software, Information & Services)
>  UX & Industrial Design (to incorporate software)
>  Information & Services Design
>  Technology & Software Design & Prototype
>  Development of Beta Product Prototype
>  Customer Field Trials & Feedback
>  Supply Chain & Distribution Agreements
>  Technology & Software Build Agreements
>  Implementation Costs & Product Launch Timings

GRASP is currently progressing discussions on funding the launch of the GRASP Run System and agreements, partners and licences for the product.


We are here to answer any questions you may have about Grasp Wearable Technologies. Get in touch and we will respond as soon as we can.

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